Why is this still here?

And why are YOU here? Get moving! Nothing here to see.


New Blog

Holy crap, November 08? That's the last time I posted? What the? I have been busy with my freelance business, and I have also been lazy. For a long time I believed I really had nothing to write. What's so important that I have to broadcast it to so many? I also lapse into my 70's personality, where I pretend computers are huge and basically just compute trajectories of rockets. Anyway, I decided to start blogging again, but not here. I will be over @ gangerdesign.com, where I can add new info, upcoming events, and post new work through one elegant Joomla! interface. join me there, will you?


Safe and Sustainable Sanitation

Check out the Worldchanging article on a new sanitation system in Kyrgyzstan which is low-cost, sustainable, and takes into account the immediate environmental conditions in the area.

Sunday Series

Jaime Lerner: Sing a song of sustainable cities.


Sunday Series

This week's Sunday Series features a sort of hero of mine, Stefan Sagmeister. Here he talks about moments in his life that made him happy, and how that relates to good design. He's funny, honest, and every bit the eccentric.


Memorial Day

For Memorial Day I will post a video featuring The Perceptionists and their excellent, excellent 2004 track titled "Memorial Day." It's rare to find a song that criticizes the leadership of our country while supporting the troops, and it's even more rare to find it in a hip hop song, but they do a beautiful job. And they did it at a time when public criticism of the war was not popular.

Also, props to secondtoughest for providing the compelling art to compliment the song.